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Proximity-based Solution

Internet of Things (IoT)


The Internet of Things (or the IoT for short) is a term that connect physical things to the Internet.

Any item can become smart and context-aware, provide highly personalized experiences, and gather rich data about what’s happening in the real world.

With Proximity-based Solution, It all starts near you!

Proximity means that an IoT-enabled object automatically reacts when you’re nearby. Read more


Data Mining

Good solution doesn’t date!
The overall goal of the data mining process is to extract information from a data set and transform it into an understandable structure for further use. Business and date understanding is very first step of implementing a data miming solution.

A common source for data is a data mart or data warehouse. Pre-Modeling is essential to analyze the multivariate data sets before data mining.

It is common for the data mining algorithms to find patterns in the training set which are not present in the general data set. This is called over-fitting. To overcome this, the evaluation uses a test set of data on which the data mining algorithm was not trained. The learned patterns are applied to this test set, and the resulting output is compared to the desired output.

Data mining can help us meet this need by providing tools to find out the important part or we can say knowledge from data. Data mining is the natural evolution of information technology.